Are you young and ambitious? Have you always dreamed of running your own business? Do you think outside the box and are not afraid to fail one day and pivot the next morning?

 CHYE is seeking qualified individuals for a ground breaking 6-month pilot program working on a unique retail-oriented business venture. Participants will be given complete management responsibility to build and execute a business from the ground up. In the process they will work on project management, merchandising, hiring and managing a team and most importantly selling product.

 Accepted participants will receive training and support for leaders in the field.  Most importantly this venture will be an opportunity to earn serious money with the potential to receive payments in the six figures. In addition, participants will walk away with lifelong business skills, significant personal development and valuable business connections.

 To qualify for this program you must be a self-motivated go-getter with a passion and drive for business and selling. In addition there is a possibility that you would have to move to a different state for the duration of the program. Additional qualities we are looking for include a background in leadership and program management (yes camp and mivtzoyim count), sales experience. Previous involvement in a business venture a plus.

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