Elevator Pitch Challenge: Finalist Event

The Elevator Pitch Challenge, run by CHYE and Collive, have announced the judges for the upcoming business panel on Wednesday, June 14th.

The men’s division panel will be headed by Meny Hoffman of Ptex Group, Daniel Cotlar of Blinds.com, and Zalman Stock of Spotlight Design. The women’s division panel will be headed by Chanie Kaminker of Hannabie Creative, Shaina Levin of Abba Realty, and Devoree Axelrod of AJ Madison.

The event will be emceed by Michoel Engelson, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire .

The event will simulate a real-life elevator pitch, with each contestant being given 60 seconds to present their case before the panel of judges. The judges will question the presenters as if they were themselves being pitched, digging deeper into their business model and presentation.

Following the pitches, the panel will rate each presentation based on certain criteria, and will offer expert business advice to each participant.

“It has been a very exciting competition so far, and we look forward to the final presentations,” said Rabbi Yehoshua Werde, Director of CHYE and coordinator of the Eleavator Pitch Challenge.

The final stage of the competition will be open to the public on Wednesday, June 14th at Lubavitch Yeshiva on Crown Street at 7:30pm. Separate men’s and women’s seating will be available free admissions

 The event will also be livestreamed on COLlive.




Voting booth

Here's where the competition begins: The Voting Booth!


Please note: You will have to login using a username and email to vote. You may only vote once per business through the competition.

For the fairness of the competition, we request that people refrain from creating multiple fictitious accounts . All double entries will be disqualified.






  • Competition runs from 5/10/2017  until 5/26/2017.
  • Public voting runs from 5/15/2017 until 5/29/2017.
  • Participating businesses owners must be members of a Chabad community or must service a Chabad community.
  • Participating business must be in operation (no pre-launch businesses).




  • Entrants can be one person or a team. All team members must have an equity stake in the business.
  • Pitch must focus on product or service you offer.
  • Business model must be designed to generate sales/revenue and profits.
  • Video length must not exceed 60 seconds.
  • No props, PowerPoint presentations, media or external aids.
  • Finalists must be prepared to come to NYC for finalist event.


To begin entering your Elevator Pitch, click register below:



Everyone who competes in the Elevator Pitch Challenge is a winner! How? You'll be given exposure to thousands of new people and thousands of potential new clients.

Create a really good pitch, and you'll be featured on COLlive.                           More views=more business!

Make the best pitch in your division and you'll win a $10,000 business booster package!


Business package includes:

  • $1000 cash for your business.



  • Advertising Booster Package including:
    • Feature story, photo and video shoot 
  • $1000 advertising credit for the Jewish Echo magazine 
  • A one-day Business Leadership Training, at LTB Leaders Forum by Ptex Group 


The art of the elevator pitch

First time creating an elevator pitch? Yes, it can be daunting. What to include, how to present myself, what should I say... 

Here's a quick workshop from Yossi Apfelbaum of Ajax Union. He covers the why and how of crafting an elevator pitch.

Below the video you will find a useful worksheet you can use to help write your elevator pitch script.

How to Craft the Perfect Elevator Pitch:

Download this worksheet here.

A great elevator pitch is not impossible to craft, but neither should it be invented “on the spot.” As with all things that matter in life: you need to put a little effort into it. Don’t let your “ums” and “ahs” get in the way of raising millions of dollars for your next deal.

A great elevator pitch should contain 6 elements:

1) A Great Hook – Get them interested right away or lose them altogether.

2) Your Company Name – Or are you just running this out of your mom’s garage?

3) Your Goals -What is it you are trying to accomplish?

4) Why YOU Matter – Go ahead.. brag a little. Why are you different from the rest?

5) What’s In It For Them – People are selfish… give them what they want.

6) A Call to Action – Steps 1-5 make no difference if you don’t give them the opportunity to respond!

Although you can mix around the order some, I find it best to try to tell a story with your pitch by going step one through step six.

The following worksheet is designed to help you draft your elevator pitch so you can best be prepared to talk with potential private lenders about your business. Keep in mind – there are hundreds of ways to craft an elevator pitch, and this is just one that works for me. Feel free to test and tweak it, but the important thing is: just do it.

Feel free to download and print this page and let it help you work on YOUR elevator pitch so the next time someone asks you “So, what do you do?” you’ll be prepared to fire with both barrels.

1) Do you have any interesting, cool, or unique facts about your company? If not, consider starting with a question to pique their interest. It’s important to “hook” the listener immediately, so in 25 words or less, write your “hook”:

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

2) What is your company name? _______________________________________

3) Describe in 25 words or less what the goal of your company is: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4) Describe in 20 words or less what makes you especially good at this.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

5) Finally, end with a question that opens up further discussion without blatantly asking them for money. I like “Do you know anyone that would be interested in working together doing real estate deals like this?”


Now, put it all together and see how it sounds. You may need to tweak some parts to make it flow, but now you have the basic framework. Next, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this take longer than 60 seconds to say? If yes, trim it down.
  • Do I come across sounding too salesy/sleazy/spammy? If yes, tone it down.
  • Will a person know exactly what’s in it for them? Remember – people are selfish and primarily want to know what your business can do for them. If not, keep working on it!

Finally, practice your pitch in front of the mirror, in front of your spouse, or in front of whoever will give you honest feedback. Ask for feedback and tweak your pitch if needed.

Good luck!

Here is a quick tutorial on how to shoot your video

Register your pitch

Welcome to the Elevator Pitch Competition!

You'll begin the competition by registering your business. Your business profile is your public image to your voters, so make sure you give the best possible impression!

Click the Register button below, and you'll be taken to our registration page at Reviewer.com. Once you create an account you'll be redirected to the competition page. 

Please note: The competition is being duplicated for men and women. Please ensure you enter the correct division when registering.

Key Dates:

Video Uploads: 05/10/2017—05/26/2017

Public Voting: 05/15/2017—05/29/2017

Looking to hyper boost your business's growth? To receive guaranteed exposure from over 50,000 people and a chance at a $10,000 prize package?

Showcase yourself in the CHYE elevator pitch competition!


Here's how the competition works:

1) Upload a 30-60 second video describing your business or service and the benefits it provides your clients.

2) Share your post across all your Social Media channels. Rally everyone you know to vote for your pitch.

3) The top 3 pitches will be judged by a panel of business development experts. The winner will walk away with a business gift package valued at over $10,000 including $1,000 in cash!


Follow these simple steps to enter the competition:

1) Prepare your elevator pitch. This link is full of helpful resources.

2) Record your pitch with a smartphone camera. Make sure it's not more than 60 seconds! ( See this video for a few important rules on shooting a video )

3) Register and create your business profile here.

4) Upload your video.

5) Rally your troops and get the most votes!


Live voting will begin Monday May 15th

Follow the buttons below for details about the rules and prizes.

Prizes generously made available by these amazing companies