Elevator Pitch Challenge: Finalist Event

The Elevator Pitch Challenge, run by CHYE and Collive, have announced the judges for the upcoming business panel on Wednesday, June 14th.

The men’s division panel will be headed by Meny Hoffman of Ptex Group, Daniel Cotlar of Blinds.com, and Zalman Stock of Spotlight Design. The women’s division panel will be headed by Chanie Kaminker of Hannabie Creative, Shaina Levin of Abba Realty, and Devoree Axelrod of AJ Madison.

The event will be emceed by Michoel Engelson, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire .

The event will simulate a real-life elevator pitch, with each contestant being given 60 seconds to present their case before the panel of judges. The judges will question the presenters as if they were themselves being pitched, digging deeper into their business model and presentation.

Following the pitches, the panel will rate each presentation based on certain criteria, and will offer expert business advice to each participant.

“It has been a very exciting competition so far, and we look forward to the final presentations,” said Rabbi Yehoshua Werde, Director of CHYE and coordinator of the Eleavator Pitch Challenge.

The final stage of the competition will be open to the public on Wednesday, June 14th at Lubavitch Yeshiva on Crown Street at 7:30pm. Separate men’s and women’s seating will be available free admissions

 The event will also be livestreamed on COLlive.