Looking to hyper boost your business's growth? To receive guaranteed exposure from over 50,000 people and a chance at a $10,000 prize package?

Showcase yourself in the CHYE elevator pitch competition!


Here's how the competition works:

1) Upload a 30-60 second video describing your business or service and the benefits it provides your clients.

2) Share your post across all your Social Media channels. Rally everyone you know to vote for your pitch.

3) The top 3 pitches will be judged by a panel of business development experts. The winner will walk away with a business gift package valued at over $10,000 including $1,000 in cash!


Follow these simple steps to enter the competition:

1) Prepare your elevator pitch. This link is full of helpful resources.

2) Record your pitch with a smartphone camera. Make sure it's not more than 60 seconds! ( See this video for a few important rules on shooting a video )

3) Register and create your business profile here.

4) Upload your video.

5) Rally your troops and get the most votes!


Live voting will begin Monday May 15th

Follow the buttons below for details about the rules and prizes.

Prizes generously made available by these amazing companies