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 to help you make the “Keli” (Vessel) to take your business aspirations to the next level.

About This Episode:

The mantra of go to school, get your degree and then you succeed didn't apply to Joe Apfelbaum. 

Although he was able to build several businesses that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars -- Joe says it wasn't until he was determined and focused on cultivating one idea long enough for it to take off, and this is what helped Joe break into the millions of dollars in revenue.

Joe found that even though he focused on building a type of business and was able to generate large revenue his biggest challenge was trusting people -- fearing that a sales rep might take his business model and start their own business Joe's fear was eventually calmed when he realized that not everybody wants to deal with the types of problems that come with owning a business.

Tune in and hear the whole interview with Joe Apfelbaum.

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