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  Business wisdom

 to help you make the “Keli” (Vessel) to take your business aspirations to the next level.

For 21 years, Spotlight has honed and crafted some of the biggest local brands you know visit, today and let them help you master your market and make a first impression that lasts forever.

For 21 years, Spotlight has honed and crafted some of the biggest local brands you know visit, today and let them help you master your market and make a first impression that lasts forever.

Episode Breakdowns:

Life In Business Is A Game Featuring Simcha Gluck

Simcha Gluck, is a father, husband, a life celebrator, game-changer, and a futurist. He resides in Jerusalem, Israel and is the Co-Founder of the game-based entrepreneurial training company Freshbiz. Their company has trained more than 75,000 professionals from top companies across the globe on how to play a smarter, better, and faster game of business. He is also the author of the 5-Star book: “The New Entrepreneurz: Changing the Way You Play Life”.

Key Points:

-What it's like to Build a sales based company.
-How To Do Away with fear based thinking.
-Work smarter not harder.
-What are your action cards?
-Access trumps ownership.

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Mentorship in Business Featuring Shmuly Goldman

Shmuly is a seasoned entrepreneur. As Co-Founder & COO of Intrasphere Technologies he built a Professional Services firm into a Life-Science & Drug Safety focused 170 person global organization with offices in New York, London and India.

In Shmuly’s Role as COO he strategically defined the market and offerings. Drove sales and profitability. Managed HR, Finance and IT and ensured high service levels, scalability and reliability. Negotiated contracts with our clients and our vendors. Drove relationship development with key business partners to mutual success including a key partnership with Oracle. 

In addition, Shmuly has been in significant roles with major corporations and not-for-profits especially special needs community. Always advocating for meaningful change and for performance excellence.

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The Three Rules to a Successful Start Up Featuring Shlomo Haft

Shlomo focuses on providing interest-free business startup and expansion loans to entrepreneurs in the New York City area.

Prior to joining HFLS, Shlomo served for 20 years as Chief Operating Officer and In-House Counsel of Haywin Textile Products, a successful home textile wholesale distributor. He helped grow Haywin’s annual sales from $10-million to $70-million, negotiated strategic joint venture agreements with overseas manufacturers and U.S. based licensors, and oversaw the company’s credit risk decisions. Shlomo received his undergraduate degree in Economics from Yeshiva University and his JD from Cardozo School of Law.

Shlomo manages the microenterprise loan program at HFLS, a 125 year-old non-profit organization. His responsibilities include review of business plans, borrower due diligence, loan underwriting, preparation of financial statements, presentation of loan requests to Board of Directors, and management of loan portfolio, Community Based Organization (CBO) partnerships, media relations, and pro bono attorney program. Since 2005 the microenterprise program has made over 350 micro loans totaling over $8.7 million to low- and moderate small business owners residing in New York City and Long Island.

“The Three Rules to a Successful Start Up”

  • Importance of experience
  • Reinvesting in the business
  • Know your Money
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Making the hard choices Featuring Avraham Metal

Avraham Metal is a top producing real estate professional in Las Vegas Nevada.

In under a year, Avraham has found his niche as an agent in the Las Vegas housing market and has quickly become a top producing Real Estate Agent. Avraham can guide first time home buyers as well as experienced real estate investors.  He specializes in sales, acquisitions and Property flipping.       Avraham has gained the reputation of being an agent that is there for his client’s best interest.

Avraham dedicates himself to his community.  He acts as a coach and mentor to other entrepreneurs that are just embarking on the journey of building their own successful businesses.  He helps others recognize their strengths and come up with creative ways to monetize on them.

Avraham is proud of all his accomplishments however he is most proud of his supportive school teacher wife and 2 children.


  • Advantages of the sales industry
  • The value of climbing the ranks
  • Making a clutch decision
  • Life in the Real Estate Industry
  • The importance of acquiring a specialty
  • The power of the early morning

Mr Bentzion Raskin
Authentic Entrepreneurial Journey

After fleeing Russia as a child with his siblings and mother via France reached America’s shores before his bar mitzvah. In 1976 he started Benz’s gefilte fish company. At first he went from store to store selling Benz’s fish from his van. Since then Benz’s foods has grown into an international brand , offering many more items , such as herring , tuna , horseradish and a food service division. 

In the last 15 years Benzy changed the face of the kosher market again with the introduction of Benz’s gourmet. A one a of a kind strictly kosher epicurean wonderland. Stop by and meet Benzy yourself at 332 Albany Ave in Crown Heights Brooklyn, it’ll be worth the trip  and you’ll be greeted with a smile and possibly a hug.

In this interview Bentzy discusses:

  • Virtues of perseverance
  • Bringing family into the business
  • The need for constant innovation
  • How to view competition
  • Importance of a set schedule

Dov Brafman
"It’s all about the journey"

Dov got his start in business in the Morristown Public Library turning his curiosity for the blooming e commerce industry into a thriving online business. Utilizing his unique relationships with Chinese manufacturers a new electronics lifestyle company was born. Sharkk quickly became a nationally recognized brand sold in major box retailers across the country. After developing a unique company culture and an amazing team Sharkk was acquired by WeWork international. Dov now heads the WeWork retail department where he works with his team on developing products and programs for the next generation of Retail.

In this fascinating episode of the CHYE/ COLLIVE Kfactor podcast Dov discusses

  • Where vision fits in to a company
  • The role of business books
  • The Value of Flexibility
  • How to create a great company culture
  • Allowing your personality to craft your company culture
  • On overcoming self-inhibition

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Zalman Stock

The Power Of Listening

As a proud member of the CHYE community, Zalman Stock is an accomplished entrepreneur CEO  and Creative Director of Spotlight Design. Running his successful design company for over 22 years now -- Rabbi Werde interviews Zalman Stock about the wisdom that guided his path and vessel.

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David Farkash

Where the Boundless Energy Flows

In chinese dictionaries the word problem doesn’t exist -- only the word challenge according to David. As the 1st Keynote speaker for CHYE’s first event five years ago David “Dudi” Farkash joined Rabbi Yehoshua Werde on the K Factor to discuss how his journey as a businessman even when faced with the challenge of not speaking English. A truly inspirational conversation about the power of integrity and get up and go. Tune in and listen.

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Yossi Apfelbaum

The Many Paths To Education and Success

The mantra of go to school, get your degree and then you succeed didn't apply to Joe Apfelbaum. 

Although he was able to build several businesses that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars -- Joe says it wasn't until he was determined and focused on cultivating one idea long enough for it to take off, and this is what helped Joe break into the millions of dollars in revenue.

Joe found that even though he focused on building a type of business and was able to generate large revenue his biggest challenge was trusting people -- fearing that a sales rep might take his business model and start their own business Joe's fear was eventually calmed when he realized that not everybody wants to deal with the types of problems that come with owning a business. Tune in and hear the whole interview with Joe Apfelbaum.

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