Announcing the CHYE Investors Exchange

CHYE (Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs) is proud to introduce our newest and most potentially powerful business-stimulating program yet.
Welcome to the Investors Exchange, a place where businessmen looking for good investment opportunities and entrepreneurs looking for capital can find and help each other.
Since our inception three years ago, our work in helping stimulate entrepreneurial growth has brought us into contact with many founders looking for startup capital and many investors looking for solid business opportunities. We thought it was about time we brought the two together.
The Investors Exchange is now open, and those looking for investment capital can go to and fill out the initial form to get the ball rolling. Those looking to invest can contact Director Rabbi Yehoshua Werde directly at
At CHYE, we’re proud of what we’ve helped our community accomplish so far, but together we know we can do so much more. Please join us, and let’s help the people who can help each other, find each other.