Managing Insurance Costs - Worksheet

Insurance prices from different agencies and different providers change over time. Each year, you should review your insurance coverage to be sure the amount of coverage is adequate based on your business growth, and compare prices to assure that you are getting the best value. Insurance costs are an expensive commitment by a business, and it is wise to manage these costs effectively.

Insurance Worksheet

Avi Werde

Avi started his business life at a very young age, which has allowed him to explore many industries. After finishing his studies as a music student he went on to other areas in the hospitality industry expanding his knowledge and experience to the point that he felt unsatisfied by the restraints and slow progressions of working for another leading him to create his company Werde Productions.

This new venture brought Avi national and international attention as the world was to experience their first large scale Jewish wedding expo, opening doors that he has been yearning to open. He has since been involved with projects such as Concerts, Galas, Art Shows, Art installations, Fashion shows, managing event spaces, birthdays, product launches, corporate events, Festival management, parties, event marketing, PR, the works.