Direct Selling

Dear Yehuda, I am debating starting a business that is based mainly on sales. However, the idea of promoting my product to strangers makes me uncomfortable. How do I get myself into the proper frame of mind? I really believe in this product. Thanks, Dovid

Dear Dovid, 

Most people hate the thought of selling. Why? Perhaps  because they remember feeling uncomfortable when someone in the past pitched a product to them.  Or maybe they are shy or anti social.

The most important thing to remember is selling is not about you. It is about your customer. Selling, when done right, is a strategy for communicating with, not to, another person. The objective of the strategy is to help your customer make an informed choice about buying a particular product or service. The ideal outcome is a sale. The second ideal outcome is that both you and your customer feel good about the exchange.

Consider yourself a consultant, not a salesperson. Your objective is to help the customer make an informed choice. This keeps the focus on the consumer. It is important to understand the needs of your potential customer, and what is important to them. If you do not, you will have a tough time selling anything to anyone.

For the customer to believe in you, you need to be honest.  If your product or service cannot meet your customer’s need, say so. If possible, recommend a solution or alternative, even if it’s a competitor. People may not remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel. If you empower them to make an informed choice, without pressure, they will respect you more.

In closing, think about the process as helping a person fulfill a need. If your mindset is that I can help this particular person save hundreds of dollars a year by using my services as opposed to a competitor’s, you have then become a beneficial business opportunity to your customer, as opposed to a salesman.

Best of luck!

Yehuda Berg,

Business Counselor, CHYE

Avi Werde

Avi started his business life at a very young age, which has allowed him to explore many industries. After finishing his studies as a music student he went on to other areas in the hospitality industry expanding his knowledge and experience to the point that he felt unsatisfied by the restraints and slow progressions of working for another leading him to create his company Werde Productions.

This new venture brought Avi national and international attention as the world was to experience their first large scale Jewish wedding expo, opening doors that he has been yearning to open. He has since been involved with projects such as Concerts, Galas, Art Shows, Art installations, Fashion shows, managing event spaces, birthdays, product launches, corporate events, Festival management, parties, event marketing, PR, the works.