Real Estate Heavy weights to share industry secrets

CHYE does it again,this Tuesday, December 6th, an impressive roster of real estate moguls will come together to share tips, insights, and expertise with the Brooklyn Jewish community.

Hosted at Agudath Israel Bais Binyomin 2913 Avenue L in Flatbush, this event is being organized by the Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs (CHYE), Employment Parnassah Initiative (EPI), and The Jewish Entrepreneur (TJE).

Organizers say the event will encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to take the plunge, provide those already in the game with the resources to grow, and to give both an amazing opportunity to network with their peers and learn from industry experts.

The evening will begin with a keynote address delivered by Ira Zlotowitz, president and CEO of Eastern Union Commercial Real Estate Funding.  Zlotowitz will speak about his over 15 year career in real estate and how he grew his business during tough economic times.

“I’ve hired many men who came straight out of yeshiva with no secular education or work experience and transformed them into expert salesmen earning seven figure incomes in a matter of just a few years,” Mr. Zlotowitz explains. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than finding the ‘superstars’ whose careers I’m able to launch. It makes it all worthwhile."

Ira Zlotowitz will provide practical business advice and actionable take-aways that he hopes his listeners will successfully implement. “I will be speaking about how to be motivated , what aspects of public opinion to follow and what to ignore, and what I learned from overcoming obstacles during the 2008 crash.”

The keynote will be followed by networking and roundtable discussions led by some of the most brilliant minds in the field featuring the following topics:

  •                         The art of the sale     

·        Evaluating Investment opportunities

·        Rehabbing Strategies  

·        How to attract and hold on to good talent (for brokerage owners)

·        Management     

·       Financing

·        The art of Flipping

Dovid Junik, a partner at Pinnacle Realty, and a recognized leader in New York City real estate, will discuss the art of the sale.

“This is a very exciting entrepreneurial business that has many challenges but ultimately when you close the deal there is no better feeling is success. I look forward to helping all those that are hungry for success and ultimately want to know how to close the deal.”

Shea Rubenstein of JBuildersNY will be discussing property rehabbing strategies: “In today’s market where real estate prices are high, the only way to be successful is through proper financial structure…At the event, I will go through the four steps of rehabbing — identifying if a property is rehab material, creating a true budget, finding conventional funding, and planning an exit strategy.”

Other speakers will include Abraham Bergman, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Eastern Union Funding and Eli Karp, the founder and CEO of HELLO LIVING. Mendy Lipskier of Mendy Realty and Chanan Feldman of Parkway Realty Group.

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