yehuda berg

CHYE inspires 100 Crown Heights entrepreneurs

This year alone with the addition of Mr. Yehuda Berg, the organization’s in-house business counselor, CHYE has helped over 100 aspiring entrepreneurs in the community launch or expand their businesses. In honor of this special milestone, we caught up with two members of the Crown Heights entrepreneurial community and asked them to share their experience as entrepreneurs.

Before you get started

I have been working for a catering service for the last few years, and I have learned a lot about the food establishment. BH my family is growing and I need to find employment that will be able to support my growing family. I have been thinking about opening up my own small café/restaurant. Since I have been working in this type of business, I feel I have enough experience to put out a good product. My issue is that friends have told me though that there is a lot of red tape involved while operating a food establishment and this is something I have no experience in. Can you please advise me on what I will need to have in place before I even get started?

Projecting Cash Flow

Cash flow is king for small businesses and the self-employed. But planning cash flow is easier said than done, especially if you’re not a numbers person. However, if you’re going to succeed in business, mastering basic cash flow projections is a must. After all, you can be a profitable business yet still have poor cash flow, simply because the cycle of cash in and out of your business is not synchronized.