Kfactor with Neil Werde “Inside the world of product inventions”

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Episode #43 Neil Werde  “Inside the world of product inventions”


Across more than 4 decades of his successful career Neil has worked for and led many major product corporations such as Mattel Toys, Rhino Records and Petmate. Neil has conceived of and brought to market products from across the spectrum of the consumer goods experience. Many of his products were carried nationwide in major retail and in-line outlets and grossed multi million dollars in sales. A dynamic, competitive hands-on professional with diverse experience in pet products, toys, music & recorded entertainment, and consumer products.


In this interview Neil shares:

  • Always keep your career options open

  • Never burn your bridges

  • Lessons in growing too fast

  • Importance of a mentor

  • ABC’s of Product development

  • Make sure your idea is not already out there

  • Decide what you want to spend

  • Understanding patents

  • Non-disclosure agreements

  • Licensing your product

  • Understanding royalties

  • Book to read: Idiots guide to selling your invention

  • Don’t give up

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