Kfactor with Chaim Shpigelman of Pizza Pita

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The K-Factor podcast is produced by CHYE - Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs in partnership with community news website COLlive.com.

The K-Factor offers business wisdom that can help future business leaders to make the "Keli" (the Hebrew word for vessel) so they can grow their business aspirations.

Episode #49 Chaim Shpigelman “Giving it all you got”

Chaim Shpigelman is the CEO and founder of Pizza Pita. Launched  in 1989 with a small location on Victoria Avenue in Montreal, QC. The family owned and operated business was started by two brothers, Chaim and Tzvi. As the success of the restaurant grew so did the need for a larger restaurant. They started to seek a bigger space to better accommodate the community. This dream came to fruition in 2004 when they moved their restaurant location to Decarie Blvd. This location was a newly renovated three floor facility, including a party hall, an outdoor terrace and the first kosher drive-thru in the world! This expansion allowed Pizza Pita to cater to the vast needs of its guests.


·        Be careful with hasogas gevul

·        The importance of the hustle

·        Don’t be ashamed of getting down and dirty

·        Good things come to hard workers

·        Upgrading the kosher dining experience

·        The power of showing vulnerability

·        Always innovate

·        Don’t be afraid of fear


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