K-Factor With Mendel Duchman "Business as a Keli"

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Rabbi Mendel Duchman served as the Rebbe's shliach in Irvine, California from 1979 to 1991, during which he built a thriving Chabad Jewish community crowned by a 500-seat synagogue and community center which continues to attract and grow till today. 

In 1997, Mendel channeled his formidable organizational and financial talents into an ongoing successful entrepreneurial career in the cosmetics industry. As the CEO of a leading brand of natural, organic skincare products Nonie Of Beverly Hills, Mendel Interacts with major players in the retail and eTail industries. Today, he continues to operate his successful firm while dedicating two full days each week to coaching shluchim.

In this interview:

* Believing in your product
* Importance of focus
* Understanding your market
* The changing face of retail
* Using business for Kiddush Hashem
* Sell your benefits not features
* Have a cause to dedicate to
* Unique opportunity for the right individual

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