COLLIVE KFactor Podcast with “Meny Hoffman ” “Unlocking Klall Yisroel’s Talents”

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Meny Hoffman is CEO of Ptex Group, an award-winning business solutions agency headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. A lifelong entrepreneur, he is passionate about collaborating with growing businesses to create winning strategies that allow them to lead and flourish. Meny is also the founder of the LTB (Let’s Talk Business) platform, which offers business education to entrepreneurs and businesspeople looking to learn, grow, and lead. He is a proud husband and father of seven.

 In this interview Meny shares:

  • ·        Fill your clients’ needs
  • ·        The future of print
  • ·        Knock on doors to launch your business
  • ·        When to diversify your business verticals
  • ·        The importance of the “1 thing”
  • ·        Creating a company culture
  • ·        Importance of business books
  • ·        The difference between marketing and advertising
  • ·        Creating a brand with distribution on Amazon
  • ·        Creating a Brand Perception
  • ·        The strengths and weaknesses of the Jewish Community in Business

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