Class 1

Navigating China

In this class you will learn

1)     How to minimize your risk and maximize your purchasing power when you buy from China

2)     What are the best ways to source product.

3)     Step by Step guide of how to import from China and get the product from the factory to the warehouse

Teacher Duddy Shagalov

Class 2

Amazon and Beyond: Mastering Sales Across Multiple Channels

A panel discussion with Top Amazon Sellers,

Main topics of discussion:

  1. The benefits and challenges of expanding your business across multiple marketplaces.
  2. Tips and tools for getting products listed on the best channels for your business.
  3. How to best manage orders and fulfillment as a multi-channel ecommerce business.

Moderator: Nussi Einhorn of SellerCloud




Class 3

Hiring and keeping good employees.

In this class you will learn:

1)     1. Recruitment and Interviewing

2)     2. Training and Motivation

3)     3. Long term loyalty success with your employees

Teacher Chaim Piekarski CEO C+A Global