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  • Distill your business core value proposition
  •   Differentiation & Unique Selling Proposition
  •   Identify key success factors (what MUST you get right)


Figure out your growth strategy


  •    Short Term Plan
  •    Long Term Plan
  •     Strategy Driven Company Culture                             

Marketing & Selling


Defining your market


·       Competitive analysis

·       Market Segmentation

·       Creating a great brand


How to Generate Leads  


·       Using LinkedIn and Social Media

·       Business Networking for dummies

·       How to Qualify Leads and Stop Wasting Time  

·       How to turn leads into clients.  

·       Closing Techniques Every Entrepreneur Should Know

·       Using a CRM to manage your pipeline

·       Sales Attitude, Books, Personal Development  


Talent Management:


Organization Strategy


·       Organizational design

·       Establishing clearly defined roles and responsibilities

·       Building and maintaining a culture

·       Attracting and Retaining talent


Organizational Processes


·       Performance management

·       Base and Incentive Compensation plans

·       Legal employment best practices




Business and Financial Reporting

·      Establishing prices for goods and/or services

·      Understand financial drivers for your business.

·      Measure, monitor and respond to company performance metrics

·      Setting up an accounting system to properly manage & review the business’s progress.

·      Taxes and what you should consider

Business Organization and Structure

  • Importance of an Organizational Chart
  • Setting up departments in your business
  • Separation of duties and responsibilities
  • Dealing with key employees and compensation structure
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Protect your business. It is your biggest asset.

Bank Financing and Business Exit Strategy

  • Is my business financeable?
  • What are some types of Bank Financing
  • Banks are in the business of lending. What are they looking for? Why not me?
  • How banking relationship may affect my business practices?
  • What are my business exit strategies?



  • Establish business processes & systems
  • Define responsibilities for the steps in your processes
  • Institutionalize your processes
  • Establish company communications protocols
  • Measure, monitor and respond to performance factors in your organization and operation