200 frum Jews from Crown Heights, Flatbush and elsewhere gathered to hear tips and tricks from a group of real estate veterans.

A bustling crowd of over 200 people showed up Tuesday night to Agudath Israel Bais Binyomin in Flatbush for “Finding Success in Real Estate,” a special seminar for men and women that provided information about the real estate industry.

Hosted by Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs (CHYE), Employment Parnassah Initiative (EPI), and The Jewish Entrepreneur (TJE), the event was packed with attendees from Crown Heights, Flatbush, and elsewhere.

Rabbi Yehoshua Werde of CHYE, co-host of the event, explained that “We wanted to reach both the young people just getting into it and the older people who feel they have more to learn. The mission of all the organizations, CHYE, TJE and EPI is to help the community take advantage of business opportunities,” he said. “And real estate is a field with incredible potential that we want to help people get into and succeed.”

The evening began with a stirring keynote address delivered by Ira Zlotowitz, president and CEO of Eastern Union Commercial Real Estate Funding. 

Mr. Zlotowitz spoke about the importance of finding a niche in the real estate market, becoming a ‘student’ of business, following the data rather than public opinion, and maintaining respect for those with whom you partner.

The talk was followed by break-away discussions and Q&As. Tables were set up around the room, each one featuring a different industry leader who answered questions related to a specific area of expertise, such as flipping, management, investing, mortgages, rehabbing, or selling.

Catering to a diverse crowd with various levels of real estate knowledge and experience, the event had something for everyone. Experts were on hand to answer questions such as: “When do I hire a super?” and “How do I find investors?”

Attendee, Laibel G. from Crown Heights, described himself as a real estate novice curious about transitioning into the field. "I learned that there are a lot of opportunities in different areas of real estate,” he said. “Now, I just need to find what speaks to my personality and what I can put my all into."

Many participants came to the event to network and rub shoulders with others in the industry. "You can never meet too many people in your business,” said Melody Zelouf, a real estate agent (Prime NYC), who came all the way from Great Neck, Long Island to attend.

“It’s always good be in the public eye when working in real estate,” she explained. “As a sales agent, I like to meet investors so that they'll remember me for future projects. I also came here to learn about different aspects of the real estate game.”

Shmuel Schnitzer from TJE and Zisha Novoseller of EPI. both noted that attendees frequently came up to them just to share how inspired they were to see hundreds of people, all serious about real estate, in one room together.

“People came out of the night making solid networking connections,” Schnitzer said. “We gave them access to very high level successful real estate businesspeople. It was great!”

Shea Rubenstein of JBuildersNY, who handled questions about rehabbing properties, had some words of advice for anyone just starting out in real estate.

"To be successful, you have to be driven to make the sale, determined, and enjoy being around people. Find a mentor as soon as possible and be willing to take direction. It’s not easy and you will experience plenty of failures in the beginning, but stay focused and you will go far."

Special thanks to the event sponsors Brand-right, Brooklyn Brokerage and Mark J Nussbaum and Associates LLP.