CHYE To Host Founder’s Circle Networking Gala  

Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs To Host Founder’s Circle Networking Gala

 Imagine that you could rub shoulders with the biggest movers and shakers in the Crown Heights business community, all while enjoying a lavish banquet and hearing from some of the greatest minds in the business world today?

 If that sounds appealing to you, then you’re in luck -- if you’re privileged to get an invite.

 The Crown Heights Young Entrepreneur (CHYE) will be hosting their annual Founder’s Circle Networking Evening this Tuesday, February 19th at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

 Attendees will be treated to a sumptuous buffet presented by Buef and Bun  and a panel discussion titled: “From $0 to &100,000,000. Navigating Success” with Famed Business Leaders Scott Shay Chairman Signature Bank, Larry Weiss CEO Atlantic Tomorrows Office, Marc Bodner CEO LR Distributors, Moderated by Yossi (Joe) Apfelbaum

 “One benefit of coming,” explained Apfelbaum, “is you get to meet all of the people investing in the entrepreneurs of CHYE -- all the people behind the scenes. If you want to meet the successful entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives who are supporting these businesses and helping them become successful, then you must not miss this event!”

 Yankie Markowitz, founder and CEO of SBA Loan Group, attended the event for the first time three years ago, and loved it. “It was a great opportunity for me,” he said. “I met many people at the event who eventually became my clients. I encourage anyone who is an entrepreneur interested in meeting either peers or professionals of greater stature to go, because you never know what you might take away from it. You’ll definitely walk away with something. Even if all that happens is you get some great business advice and enjoy a sumptuous meal, it’ will be a night you will remember.”

 Special thanks goes to the sponsors of the evening Yosef Levine Managing Director of Deloitte and avid CHYE fan who’s world class Rolodex and high powered connections have taken the event to the next level. Signature Bank , SBA loan group , Cahill Law and The Surplus Company and all CHYE Founders Circle Members who’s support and friendship of CHYE have enabled the evening to take become the most anticipated business networking event of the year.