Finding the Right Person

Rabbi Hirschel Chitrik, a prominent jeweler, was once working on expanding his jewelry business by initiating a new division or company. When he reported this to the Rebbe, the Rebbe asked him: “Who will you rely on to manage the new company?” “I am searching for the right person,” Chitrik replied.

The Rebbe responded with a perceptive insight on the subject of initiating new undertakings. “A gutte mentch gefint’men nisht; a gutte mentch macht’zich. The right person is not someone you find. He is someone you just happen to come across!”

Perhaps the message here is that you should not undertake a new venture counting on being able to find the right manager, as chances are you will not find such a person. Instead, only initiate it if you have already happened to come across the right person to manage it.

As told by his son, Mr. Ari Chitrik


Business Expansion


הרחבת העסק

לפעמים הכי תכופות רואים שבכמה ענינים אם אין מוסיפין עליהם או עכ"פ משתדלים להוסיף, ה"ה פוחתים והולכים, ולכן גם בהנוגע לשאלתו יעשה בהרחבת עסקו, אף שכמובן מבלי שיהי' מושקע בזה ראשו ורובו, והחשש שיוכרח למעט שיעורי לימודיו הרי בהחלטתו תקיפה בזה, בודאי שיש מקום להרחבת עסקו ומבלי לנגוע בזמני לימודו.

(ממכתב א' אייר תשי"ח)

Business Expansion

We see frequently in many areas that if you do not enlarge them, or at least try to do so, they will continuously get smaller. For this reason, I advise you to work on expanding your business, although you shouldn’t get too preoccupied in doing so.

As far as your concern that you will be forced to minimize your set shiurim, I am sure that if you make a firm resolve, you will be able to expand your business without it affecting your times of study.

(Letter of 1 Iyar, 5718)