Finding the Right Person

Rabbi Hirschel Chitrik, a prominent jeweler, was once working on expanding his jewelry business by initiating a new division or company. When he reported this to the Rebbe, the Rebbe asked him: “Who will you rely on to manage the new company?” “I am searching for the right person,” Chitrik replied.

The Rebbe responded with a perceptive insight on the subject of initiating new undertakings. “A gutte mentch gefint’men nisht; a gutte mentch macht’zich. The right person is not someone you find. He is someone you just happen to come across!”

Perhaps the message here is that you should not undertake a new venture counting on being able to find the right manager, as chances are you will not find such a person. Instead, only initiate it if you have already happened to come across the right person to manage it.

As told by his son, Mr. Ari Chitrik