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Class details

The course will be facilitated by Sruly Rosenbaum SVP of Business Development with Madison Title Agency and will include classes by (amongst others):

·        Ez Shaffren-Senior NY Counsel with Madison Title Agency

·        Arnon Wiener – CEO of LeaseProbe Real Diligence

·        Izzy Rosenbaum – Principal with RDC Equities

The course will give an overview of the various aspects of the Commercial Real Estate field. Each presenter will give over from their real life experiences and knowhow in the specific aspect of the market that they are involved in.

The expertise that will be shared will allow participants to understand the nature of the Real Estate Investment Cycle, and prepare them to take the proper steps and necessary precautions to be successful, as well as the potential risks involved and how to mitigate them.

Below is a basic overview of the course syllabus

1.Residential Real Estate Basics

  • A. Defining Real Estate
  • B. Terms
  • C. Buying Process
  • D. Understanding the Role of Each Party in the Deal
  • E. Mortgage Process for Residential Deals

2. Legal Issues in Real Estate

  • A. Contracts
  • B. Loan Documents
  • C. Title Insurance
  • D. Why You Need a Lawyer

 Financial Due Diligence

  • A. Financial Due Diligence Overview
  • B. Lease Abstracts
  • C. CAM
  • D. Tenant Estoppel and SNDA Preparation

3. Commercial Property Management Considerations

  • A. Property Conditions
  • a. Roofs
  • b. HVAC
  • c. Elevators
  • d. Boilers
  • e. Solar Energy
  • B. Property Management
  • a. Insurance
  • b. Emergency Plans
  • c. Adjusters
  • d. Obligations to Tenants
  • e. Expenses
  • f. Service Contracts
  • g. Purchase Orders
  • h. Vendors
  • i. Management Companies

4. Financing the Transaction

A. The Allure of Commercial Real Estate

  • a. Power of Leverage

B. Asset Classes

  • a. Multi-Family
  • b. Retail
  • c. Office Space
  • d. Mixed Use
  • e. Industrial
  • f. Hospitality

C. Lending Institutions

  • a. Portfolio Lenders
  • b. Conduits
  • c. Government Agencies
  • d. Life Insurance Companies
  • e. Hard Money Lenders

D. Types of Loans

  • a. Fixed Rate
  • b. Floating Rate
  • c. Mezzanine Loans
  • d. Construction Loans
  • E. Underwriting Terms

5. The Art of Real Estate

  • A. Getting Behind the Numbers
  • B. Using Leverage to Your Maximum Advantage
  • C. Syndication
  • D. Negotiation

6 Why Invest in Real Estate?

A. Types of Real Estate Investors & Investments
B. Real Estate Investors

  •  Private

  •  Institutional
  •  Foreign

C. Investment Types

  •  Cash Flowing/Current Yield Deals
  •  Value-Add deals (they will become cash flowing deals)
  •  Growth long term investments (i.e. Appreciation Play)

D. Asset Types: What’s still hot and why?

  •  Multifamily, Office, Industrial, Retail, Hospitality

7. Multifamily Management

  • A. Finding and Removing Tenants
  • B. Building Inspections and Violations
  • C. Rent Collections
  • D. Preventative Maintenance
  • E. Fixing Up Units In Between Tenants
  • F. Emergency Management
  • G. Security Issues

8. The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Started in Real Estate

  • A. Having a Real Estate Mindset
  • B. Getting Started in Real Estate as a Buyer and/or Broker
  • C. What it Takes to be Successful in Real Estate
  • D. Your Questions Answered

9. Commercial Leasing

A. Getting Started

  •  Why go into Leasing?
  •  First steps/Keep your options open
  •  Process to becoming a Leasing Broker/Agent

B. Steps to Success

  •  Networking
  •  Communication is key to getting deals done

C. Property Types

  •  Retail
  •  Office
  •  Industrial

D. Taking it to the next level

  •  What Tenants look for in a broker
  •  What Landlords look for in a broker
  •  How to make your commercial property more leasable

E. Term Sheet Basics

(Please note: The order and details of each class are subject to change based on the availability of the presenters)