Round table topics and speakers

  1. Creating a company coulture:   Dov Brafman,  Sharkk   
  2. Ecommerce and Taxes: Saul Friedman,  SNFCO
  3. Emerging trends in ecommerce:  Motti Gross,  AJ Madison
  4. Taking your business to the next level:  Chaim Piekarski,  CA Global
  5. Amazon Compliance Issues: Ed Rosenberg,   Amazon Seller Group
  6. Social Media marketing: Pesach Tropper,  Bottom Line Marketing
  7. Sourcing for dummies: Ronald Hans & Shnuer Mange,l  OFS Mobile and Daily Steals
  8. Maximizing the opportunity of PPC for Amazon: Dovi Vogel,   Sharkk
  9. Transitioning your traditional business to ecommerce: Marc Bodner, LR Distributors
  10. The art of buying: Praveen Arora,  PCSWW
  11. Mastering Ebay: Matthew Klein,  Foucus Camera
  12. Scaling your million dollar Amazon business: Kevin Leib,  Feedvisor
  13. Building your own brand: Meir Shemtov,  Sharkk
  14. Strategies for Starting Your Amazon Company on the Right Foot