CHYE making an impact meet Zlata Gitlin owner "Zlata's Wigs,"

Zlata A Crown Heights resident, has recently opened "Zlata's Wigs, sheitel stylist" a new take on the sheitel-macher offering upscale service at affordable pricing. With her new storefront opening on Kingston ave, Zlata, with the help of CHYE, hopes to disrupt the way sheitels are sold in our neighborhood.
We sat down to speak to her.
1.Tell us about yourself:
I live in Crown Heights and have been styling sheitels for the past 8 years. Working with my husband, we decided recently to create a full-scale sheitel experience. We found a store-front on Kingston Ave. and we're excited to bring Zlata's Wigs to the community.
2. Tell us about your business:
I've never been happy with the experience buying a sheitel. If you're looking to get a wig anywhere under $3000, the customer service is simply deplorable. If I'm about to drop $1800 on a quality wig, I deserve a service that matches the price I'm paying. At Zlata's Wigs we want to create a holistic shopping experience that will be seamless and beautiful from beginning to end. We've designed a beautiful showroom that matches the aesthetic and vision of this beautiful mitzvah, and we want to place customer service at the center of the purchasing experience.
3. How did CHYE help you with your venture?
I first heard about CHYE on Facebook - both through their Facebook posts and from my friends speaking about it. As soon as I began working on Zlata's Wigs, I knew CHYE would be the ideal place to turn for help. From the second I called, Rabbi Werde, Mr. Yehuda Berg and others have been incredibly gracious. Mr. Berg had such a wealth of knowledge to offer us, in terms of a business plan, a lease and incorporating as an LLC.
CHYE is truly an incredible resource for our community.