CHYE Success Stories - Chanie Wilschanski M.S.Ed, DiscoverED Consulting

Chanie Wilschanski is an entrepreneur who took advantage of the resources CHYE has available when it was time to get started pursuing her dream.

Chanie was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions about her business experiences as well as her experience with CHYE.

Q: What is your background in your industry and how did you get started?

A: I began my teaching career as an early childhood educator, spending eight years teaching infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. While teaching in Manhattan’s highly innovative and acclaimed Preschool of the Arts, I began to develop my vision of a creative, progressive and revolutionary path in early education.

Three years ago, I took a break from teaching to pursue higher studies at Mercy College where I received a Masters in Special Education and Early Childhood. Seeing a void that needed filling, I turned my efforts to the development of DiscoverED Consulting, whose core business is  a program of outstanding hands-on workshops and seminars. Using technology, videology, multi-media and group interaction, this new service would provide valuable, timely direction and guidance to teachers, special Ed educators, and directors in the field.

Q: What does your business look like now?

A: At DiscoverED, we pride ourselves on leading the way in cutting-edge preschool education. I work to empower teachers, SEITs, directors, and other related service providers within the preschool education field by providing them with live interactive webinar workshops with chat rooms, pictures, videos and other media to present the practical application to the classroom.

We operate on a membership model and have participating schools all over the world - from Russia to England to Toronto and all across the USA. In addition, in 2014, I developed, wrote and published a curriculum support book for the early childhood classroom, titled the DiscoverED curriculum series so that more educators could have access to the program we’ve developed.

Lastly, DiscoverEd provides a holistic approach to early childhood, targeting all the challenges a school faces, from behavior management, social skills, class setup, assistant training, parent partnership and much more. I also currently direct the early childhood program at the Beis Rivkah Seminary in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY.

Q: What kind of help did CHYE provide you? Which services did you take advantage of?

A:  CHYE was extremely helpful in helping me move my business to the next level. Business Counselor Yehudah Berg was very informative and gave me invaluable resources and a network of people to begin collaborating with. He patiently walked me through the process of becoming a legal business and what steps I needed to take.

Maybe the most valuable resource though was my meeting with fellow entrepreneur Shmuli Goldman. His advice was timeless and every minute of our meeting was so beneficial for my business. He helped me to better formulate my vision and to start looking further down the road of what I wanted for myself and the company. He helped me see things from a marketing perspective and really seemed to understand my struggle. His advice has helped me get 4 new clients so far and I only met with him 3 weeks ago! In addition, he has helped me reach a much broader audience by making simple changes to the services that I was already offering. I plan to implement some other strategies that he suggested and hope to see further success. I truly want to thank the CHYE for what they have done for my business!